Officially half way through our 6 Week Epic Challenge and the Teams are on fire.
Over the last 3 weeks we have seen the teams complete challenges, take on the trainers, push their own comfort zones, commit as a team and take big steps towards their own goals.
Every week we have asked the teams to complete certain challenges these have been physical, nutritional and mindset challenges and each time they have delivered.

Week one
Team Names were chosen Ass Kickers Verses Gym Class Heroes and we were off.
First on the list was nutrition, breakfast was the hot topic which seen some yummy recipes being shared, food planning and prep was definitely top of the list setting the teams up for a great week feeling prepared and in control.
We asked for a time trial with different distances to suit each fitness level, this was taken very seriously and it was noted that one member even wore two watches to ensure accuracy.
From this point onwards the trainers knew these guys meant business.

Week Two
Gym Class Heroes were in the lead and Lorraine got herself a little excited forgetting it was a marathon not a sprint ! I’m not sure she will ever learn!
Beating the trainer got them all fired up this week with a few throwing all caution to the wind and body slamming the gym floor like it was a mattress, policing technique was definitely a must!
The recipes went up a few notches with some very fancy salad making, spicy chicken, black bean tortillas and yummy salmon dishes to name a few. Fair to say not everyone will be eating chicken and broccoli much to PT Doyler’s dismay.
At the end of week two Ass Kickers were in the lead.

Week Three
A short week was upon us, concern of slacking was on the trainers minds Oh ye with little faith both teams came out swinging.
The plank challenge seen the members taking it to new heights, we had planks on moving objects, the top of mountains, beaches while on holidays in Noosa and the North Island and one crazy between two rocks with the river beneath her!
Good Friday turned into a great Friday with PT Foyler having the crew burn that many calories a stop off at countdown for a cr√®me egg would have been allowed! (of course they didn’t they are on a challenge after all ūüėČ
Not all scores are in yet for the end of week three but be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for more updates over the Easter break.
Team Energise

Davie show casing his skills, he chops onions like he cuts hair!

To be sure to be sure!

Impressed much?